A better way to access/manage our Client's accounts as it is too complicated

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Imagine this scenario(which we are currently struggling with for over 3 years now).

As a web design company, we get customers who would like to move to Scala from Godaddy or other third party companies or simply need to start a fresh new project.

We tell the customers which package to buy, they get their Cpanel and here is the problem.

-In order to manage each customer's account, we need a new email address, so we end up with like 30 emails for 30 clients, it becomes difficult to handle(pretty much impossible) and communication is mixed up between support channels which can cause security issues. As we may post FTP details in a support request from Client A support channel to Client B channel.

What is really needed is a way to centralize all the Spanels we are allowed to access under 1 sub account screen and have a "support" and "login" button next to each account.

1)The customer clicks on "Allow email xxxx to access my Spanel and support area".

2)In the sub-account, we now see a table like this:

Customer name/Surname | Company Name | Spanels Logins buttons per domain | Support channel button

3)The sub-account email is the same for all the customer's(1 email for all).

4)Allow us a "private" chat text box where we can ask you questions we do not want the customer to see "ie: How to do xxxx or yyyy". Or "Is there a networking problem today?" As some of the question, we may ask you can stress customers right away for nothing. And the only way we can ask these questions at the moment is to cross-post them from our own account to your support team but while speaking about another subaccount(it is messy).

This would solve all the issues with Scalhosting and Spanel management as it is very difficult for web companies to help their customers with the current system.

Thank you.

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Thanks for the detailed explanation. Soon you will be able to create additional admin users in SPanel with pre-defined custom access. Then you can add such a login to all VM's you manage for your clients and you will not have to ask for their login details to login as an administrator to the SPanel Admin Interface. Will that work?

SPanel now supports the creation of additional admin users with custom permissions (access) to selected features.

Something that would have been great is the possibility to migrate old accounts to the new system directly from the sub-account owner. ie:

Let's say you have 10 vps and 10 different email addresses. Instead of going to the customer's office and add yourself again to the new system, implement an "email migration" field so the sub-account owner adds the new email himself(for fast and easy migration).


is thsi resolve dnow and ready ?

also we have issues with LONG names this is becoming painful it takes me 15mins to find out which website is in which server, there must be a better way 

and when your support team asks us on which server does this website is hosted on we have to login and find out that as the server names are tooo long

why cannot cpanel allow friendly name, worse companies like liquidweb and hostek has this feature to be able to map a domain or give a friendly name instead of saying the server is 


I can tell the support or even remember its on "HOTBOX.mydomain.com server

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