Ability to allocate custom CPU / RAM / bandwidth limits for individual accounts

Alex shared this idea 5 months ago
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Ability to allocate custom CPU / RAM / bandwidth limits for individual accounts: so you can select 1 CPU and 1GB of RAM for a specific SPanel account, for example.

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Why would you prefer restricting a website to make it slow or even stop it from serving all its visitors rather than giving it access to 100% of the available resources so it is fast 24/7?


So you can resell better the resources of the Vps.


VLAD if you don't restrict than one infected site or website with memory leak will take the whole server down. It's also not fare with other sites on shared hosting platform that is why we use Cloud Linux to better manage this stuff.


That's what I indicated in this thread - https://features.spanel.io/request/Cloudlinux-Intergration - It's important to limit resources - memory, CPU, IO - when creating the hosting packages.

Because then I can have current clients, who only have their blog, for example: 3 gb of space, 1 vcpu, 1 gb of ram and IO 5 mb/s and pay only x and then I can have the business client that needs more resources: 30gb of space, but it has 5 vcpu, 3gb of ram and IO 30mb/s.

We can give this differentiation and it happens.

And then, as already said here, if a client suffers a bad luck, don't bring down the entire server, because everything is limited only to those resources.


It is essential for resellers. Without this, we will share the same CPU and ram with everyone who bought the reseller from us. Assuming a 10$ package and 100$ package performance stays the same, why does someone purchase a higher plan? That's why we need it.

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