Ability to allocate custom CPU / RAM / bandwidth limits for individual accounts

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Ability to allocate custom CPU / RAM / bandwidth limits for individual accounts: so you can select 1 CPU and 1GB of RAM for a specific SPanel account, for example.

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Why would you prefer restricting a website to make it slow or even stop it from serving all its visitors rather than giving it access to 100% of the available resources so it is fast 24/7?


So you can resell better the resources of the Vps.


VLAD if you don't restrict than one infected site or website with memory leak will take the whole server down. It's also not fare with other sites on shared hosting platform that is why we use Cloud Linux to better manage this stuff.


That's what I indicated in this thread - https://features.spanel.io/request/Cloudlinux-Intergration - It's important to limit resources - memory, CPU, IO - when creating the hosting packages.

Because then I can have current clients, who only have their blog, for example: 3 gb of space, 1 vcpu, 1 gb of ram and IO 5 mb/s and pay only x and then I can have the business client that needs more resources: 30gb of space, but it has 5 vcpu, 3gb of ram and IO 30mb/s.

We can give this differentiation and it happens.

And then, as already said here, if a client suffers a bad luck, don't bring down the entire server, because everything is limited only to those resources.


It is essential for resellers. Without this, we will share the same CPU and ram with everyone who bought the reseller from us. Assuming a 10$ package and 100$ package performance stays the same, why does someone purchase a higher plan? That's why we need it.


this is the number one feature which any panel must have to be able to allow a low budget website too not just infected site but also low budget websites who never have money to pay for a decent price event at a cost so they must be assigned by the reseller

this is easily available in cloudlinux as LVE manager and I can even add limit to sql using sql governor

see this screenshot - https://prnt.sc/wqF9TMr2uhEM 

another example is i have 50  websites on scala VPS now one of the websites owner decided to a crazy campaign without telling us so why other 49  websites should suffer?

cases where clients abuse reseller hosting  are
1. campaigns 

2. bot attacks
3.  malware as per fahad
4.  pay low and use MAX and bring the server down

5. clients who host and have their own developers and their developer do a dirty job which has issues with php memory etc.

6. current captcha v3 upgrade is doing memory leak so one site cannot take the whole serve rdown


Well put @webjobs.. Cloudlinux integration is the way to go. Vote for it here;



This is now planned to be developed in house instead of integrating CloudLinux which will save SPanel users some more money.


We are currently working on this.


Thanks for the update Vlad, looking forward to this.


Great to know... Cheers 


Thank You Vlad!


Agree! No one site should consume 100% of the resources. Perhaps a good plan would be to limit to a percentage for a span of time (no more than 100% for 10 seconds etc.)

Great @Vlad 

Wonderful! Even a simple implementation is all that is needed.



I would also like to note the great importance of this, as many have already said here.

I would like this to be implemented, as I have clients on Cpanel, who pay for different plans, and we need to adjust consumption according to each plan.



Right now we are working on a big UX improvement of the SPanel Admin & User Interfaces. The next features to be implemented would be this one here and the Docker integration.

Elisson, we may manually set for you those CPU restrictions if you open a ticket with technical support, provide a list of the usernames you would like restricted and the percentage of CPU resources you would like to restrict to each of them. Example below.

user1 - 100% (1 CPU core)

user 2 - 250% (2.5 CPU cores)

user3 - 50% (0.5 CPU cores)

We'll do it manually for you via the SPanel API.



When can we expect this CPU/RAM restriction to be implemented?

I'd also like to control this for my users on a per-account basis.


Hi, Caro! Thanks for joining the SPanel community here and thanks for being so active! This feature will be the first to implement after the UX improvements project is completed. I can't give an ETA because it is really hard to estimate how long it will take to complete the UX project. Please know that we can always set the CPU/RAM/IO restrictions manually for your accounts via the SPanel API. If you are comfortable with SSH, we may even show you how to do it yourself before the feature gets integrated into the GUI. I hope that will work for you.


Thanks to Elisson who contacted us to enable the functionality on his SPanel server we found that the SPanel's implementation of the feature to restrict CPU, memory, IO requires additional work to function in Rocky Linux 9. It works till Rocky Linux 8. We'll work on applying the necessary changes in the next couple of months to make it work under Rocky Linux 9 too and I'll update you all here once we are ready.


I request to release the latest version as soon as possible its crucial feature and we can't migrate full fledged without this, we are eagerly waiting for this!!


Namaste, Pratik! Thank you for your input! Please open a ticket and request the ticket to be escalated to Vlad. I'll find a solution for you.


When this update is coming?

How many weeks or months? Any expectations?


It will take a couple of months more as we have to complete the UX improvements first which will make SPanel mcuh easier to use than ever before! Abdul, please open a ticket for me and describe your current requirements there and I'll find a solution for you. Thank you!

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