Ability to allocate custom bandwidth limits for individual accounts

Rob shared this idea 9 months ago
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The Ability to allocate custom bandwidth limits for individual accounts. At the moment there is no way of doing this.

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One of the most important features! It should be added! I changed my mind to not use it as there is no feature for limit bandwidth! 


Currently, SPanel VM's come with unlimited bandwidth. Why would you like to limit it for your users?

Some other offerings such as digital ocean managed vps have bandwidth limits so it helps to be able to manage such a limit on all resold offerings, as well as it's a possible upsell which helps resellers continue operating on this platform.

I think Unlimited bandwidth feature for good our customer. 


This is no different than other controls on the server. MUST have a bandwidth limit per resold Account!! Please add


In some cases we MUST needed this option because, some clients of of we must restrict by our self time to time

Cpanel this was there since when I was use in early 2000

I used to allocate the limit on it

but our part of world we should have this in future  

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