Ability to download files or databases from the daily backups

Vihren Benev shared this idea 9 months ago
In Progress

As a website owner and developer I would like to have the ability to download single files, whole backup or particular database backup from any of the daily backups in the sPanel. Often I need older version of something to test or check. Now the only option is to restore it to the live production environment which sometimes is not a good idea.

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Will this work if we give you an option to restore the data to a location/path specified by you during the restore e.g. instead of restoring the database user_db1 to the original one, restore it to the database user_devdb or instead of restoring the files to the original location in /home/user/public_html, restore them to /home/user/backup-template?


For sure this will do the trick. However, it would be much better, while we browse the backup, besides the current option "restore selected" to have in addition: "restore to" (as you suggested) and "download selected".


We are starting to work on this feature request.

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