Allerts from server (out of space, full mailbox, server overload and etc.)

Anton shared this idea 2 years ago

We got a following troubles, and there is a big disadvantages of spanel vps hosting

Well, there was next steps: 1) About 17-18 pm 06/08/21 files were uploading to hosting 2) Free space was filled
3) After it nothing was done but monitoring was active ( tickets to us, allerts and etc.)
4) In the morning of next day, clients was starting to asking about out of space and problemas with sites
5) We found a trouble and add more space but, why we have been paying 5 usd per mounth for monitoring if it dosen't work...

The main issue:
1) We can't see logs of load of server, ram and etc.
2) We can't get informations if server overload, out of space and etc.
3) We can't provide to clients allerts about out of space mail boxes, space within accounts
Monitoring works well for free, clients start to ask about trourbles faster then your stuff see it due to monitoring

What do you think about it?
Thу main problem, we can't access to logs of monitoring 27/7, it is strange
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SPanel is currently sending notifications if an email box, a user account or the server itself is low on free disk space. If the server is overloaded, a notification will be sent as well.

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