Better overall Email Management

Nadja von Massow shared this idea 3 years ago

provider more options and better guidance on setting up email accounts:

  • auto-generate settings with each new mailbox to be copied and be sent to new mailbox owners, helping with local email setups, incl. examples for common email clients
  • DMIK record provision within sPanel
  • option of setting up email from subdomains (mailboxes and forwards)
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DKIM, spf, email forwarders are already supported in SPanel. Subdomains emails is something we are working on.


Subdomains emails are now supported as well.


How do I create an email address for a subdomain? Can't see the option anywhere in SPanel


The update will be completed on all VM's until the end of the week.

  • Email forwarders only work receiving mail please include also sending mail its very important for us 

Email forwarders from subdomains is still not supported. This is urgently needed!
This suggestion is not completed.


DKIM for subdomain email still not automatically generated and has to be requested from tech support.
DMARC, SPF, MX record not in place for subdomain email either.
No message/warning that those will have to be manually created before subdomain email will work.

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