DNS Clustering

Hargreaves Standa shared this idea 3 months ago
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Kindly consider implementing DNS clustering on Spanel because of the benefits it has.

Benefits of DNS cluster

1) 0% downtime when DNS service is down. If the DNS service is down the domain DNS will be served by the other server in the cluster.

2) We can use Global nameservers for all your servers. Here we do not need to set specific nameservers for each other.

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I fully support the Hargreaves Standa request, because if we want to split clients across several machines and use only global nameservers, it would be great


I agree with Hargreaves Standa.


I was wondering about this too.  No Redundancy on dns.    Either a master/sec sync setup

currently using https://simpledns.plus/kb/13/can-i-use-the-super-master-slave-feature-with-other-dns-servers good how they stay in sync


This is a good point and maybe a feature that will soon be implemented. The way I see it to work is by adding all of the nameservers to the DNS clustering functionality and each DNS cluster client (individual VPS with SPanel) will sync DNS zones changes to all of the nameservers that are added to the DNS cluster. How does that sound? Would you like to add anything else as functionality that I am missing and it will be useful?


Definitely would like a way to handle this, it's the only real thing holding me back from deploying SPanel widely.


Example, Plesk has an extension (available on Github) to manage slave DNS servers and view stats:

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