Email Limit Per Hour for Anti Spam

milen shared this idea 1 year ago

Email limit per hour per Spanel account would be great. It'll limit malware sent spam and blocking by third party e-mail providers.

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I also agreed with you

we need to have this feature to minimize outbound spamming 

We're working on building an additional cyber security functionality in SShield which will monitor outbound emails. If it detects spamming activity, it will notify the server owner via email/ticket and SShield may also disable outgoing email services for the affected email box, domain or the whole user account if necessary to stop the outbreak and an eventual blacklist against the IP address of the server. In the meantime, inbound email will continue to work and all incoming emails will be delivered. Once the owner of the server resolves the spamming issue they can enable outgoing email for the affected email/domain/account via SPanel and resume normal email services. How does that sound?

how do i locate and edit total outgoing mail limit per domain /hour on  your VPS+Spanel


This week I am badly facing out bound SPAMMING on my VPS 

this is a must in future to all ADMINS


This feature request is now planned for development.


super Vlad

timely needed option for all admins


Nowadays it's mandatory to control the spam. So, it is requested to add this feature. Thanks

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