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Hemant kumar shared this idea 3 months ago
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Dear Team, 

Please implement the Email Package Function so we can define the feature as per the Plan as of now we don't have this kind of control, after this implementation we increase our revenue by reselling the different -2 packages as per customer requirements 

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And that only allows the use of a small index.html to put a blank page or just a page where we can put the logo and the client / company contacts and nothing else


Could you explain a little bit more about this feature request? How do you imagine it will work? I could not understand. I think you want to have an Email Only package where you can set how many email domains and email boxes to be created, right? In that case if we implement a feature manager where you can define which SPanel features to be available in the SPanel User Interface it will fulfill your needs? Then you will be able to add a package called Email10, for example, which will allow the user to add 1 domain and 10 mail boxes and in their SPanel User Interface they will be able to see only the Email category with the email features. Is that what you want to achieve?

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