File Manager Search Function Needed

Richard shared this idea 3 years ago


There is no search function is file manager. The ability to search files is a standard and very helpful helpful feature that most web panels provide. I'm very surprised that it's not provided in SPanel.

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One year and no implementation of the basic feature request. C'mon now.


Hi Richard. We are actually thinking about developing a file manager to replace the current solution. There is no ETA yet though. We are currently working on implementing logging in the Admin and User interfaces which will allow the user to see who logged into each interface, from what IP address and what actions were performed. We are also working on allowing SPanel users to be able to migrate emails from other providers with one click, working on a SSH terminal in the User Interface and also adding support for email forwarders for subdomain emails such as The file manager feature will also follow at some point. We just want to gather enough information and create the most useful and feature rich file manager a developer may ever imagine ;)


We planned to develop a file manager and the search functionality will be supported as well. Development will start in the next couple of weeks.


This feature will be part of the new File manager that we started developing yesterday.


This feature is now available in the latest SPanel version. Existing servers will get the update in the next 10 days.

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