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Ciaran Reilly shared this idea 3 months ago
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Hi there,

It would be great if SPanel could integrate with the FossBilling platform ( - this is the currently maintained open-source fork of the now deprecated BoxBilling.

FossBilling is used by a great many hosts and is a very powerful and versatile billing system.

If direct integration with SPanel isn't possible, perhaps a standardised set of API calls, or an abstraction layer for billing functions, could be made to work.

Support for FossBilling would greatly increase the interoperability and attractiveness of SPanel, to many hosting providers.


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Have to agree this is an EXCELLENT feature request.

The existing panels that have integration with Fossbilling are all rather limited in their functionality because of the limits of the panels API - for example you can create an account but not modify / renew / cancel without manual intervention.

As the Spanel developers have the ability to control the Fossbilling plugin they have an opportunity to build a really rich integration which would really boost the appeal of spanel.

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