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Nathan Stewart shared this idea 2 years ago
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It would be great if you could develop a billing automation platform like WHMCS, I know cpanel owns whmcs and it would be great if you could be the same as it would be a nice package (SPanel & SBilling) together for one price or seperartly.

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It seems to be an excellent idea, but nevertheless, I think it would be important to focus only on SPanel, but nobody better than Vlad to clarify this situation.

An idea could be the integration with Upmind - upmind.com - a SAAS alternative to WHMCS and which is getting more and more fans, as it has a lot of integrations: Cpanel, Plesk, 20i, among others, with DirectAdmin, ApisCP coming soon , Enhance, among others.

And besides, it has a free plan.


Joao i used Enhance, and it has few downsizes,atleast for me, even if the ease of using the panel is very nice. 

1. Domains and subdomains shares the same root folder - for me was a bit complicated to run Wordpress on domain and laravel on subdomain, and when the developer of the Laravel app lauch app updates, to navigate thru both apps folders .... 

2. Multiple IP`s can`t be allocated per account / sites ( domains / subdomains  ), they are sharable between all accounts.


As for upmind is a bit too complicated platform... i think something integrated inside the spanel would be nice... like in ISPconfig... This way you won


I agreed with Nathan Stewart. I think it was a very good Idea.


Still no updates on this feature ? How we can generate invoices and bill our clients without a billing system behind ?


We built a plugin for WHMCS and you may automate the whole process with it. WHMCS is a very nice billing platform which we use ourselves.

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