IP whitelisting on the SPanel

Andy Xiao shared this idea 1 year ago

It would be great if SPanel allows me to add an IP address whitelist, so only visitors from my IP address can connect to the admin panel and webmail client.



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I don't think so you can do this via htaccess. The option which might be needy is how to block some ip from accessing the server. Suppose we are under a DDoS attack and we want to block some IP for the whole server, then this option can consider a good value for time.


Let me explain how I see it so you may confirm if I am in the right direction. This feature will allow SPanel Admins to create a whitelist of IP addresses and select which services that whitelist to be applied to such as SPanel, webmail, ftp, ssh, pop3/imap. Any IP addresses which are not included in the whitelist will not have access.

Is that what you want to achieve?

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