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Yoav Rheims shared this idea 11 months ago
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The current implementation in Spanel is nice but too basic; it's missing important features such as:

  • Incremental backups for both files and databases
  • Remote backups to Google Drive, OneDrive, Dropbox, etc. Currently, only FTP is available.

These features are crucials for all webmasters and administrators managing customer accounts. 

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The SPanel backups are incremental for files and each user may browse & restore individual files and databases from any of the available restore points. The user may also generate manual backups from SPanel which can be saved locally on the server or to a remote FTP server. Google drive, Dropbox etc. are not supported however if we see users' demand, we'll add that functionality.


Are you planning to add S3 storage support? That's where all backup products are moving to for cheaper and scalable storage. Jetbackup 5 also support this now.

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