JetBackup Integration

Nikolay Stoyanov shared this idea 1 year ago
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As a website owner I want to be able to use JetBackup. Please integrate it in SPanel.

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Hi Nikolay. Which features in the SPanel backups functionality are you missing? I think it will be more useful if we just develop those so you can use them for free rather than paying for a 3rd party software.


Hello Vlad,

I have used Jetback up on Cpanel and DirectAdmin and one is able to schedule hourly, daily and weekly backups as well as restore a single email r file from backups from a remote back up server. Can Spanel backup plugin achieve that considering your license will be public soon and clients will have production servers at different locations from their back up servers and they still want to achieve what jetbackup does?


Absolutely. Why not? Do you also use multiple backup destinations e.g local backups + rsync remote backups? Restoring a single email, email message, file, directory or database is available in SPanel at the moment. We don't have multiple destinations in the GUI yet however that's available in the API and it is just a matter of time to add it to the GUI. So, hourly, daily, weekly, monthly backups. Do you need anything else?


An improved backup system is now in development. Users will be able to configure both local and remote backups with options for hourly, daily, weekly and monthly backups. Users will be able to choose on which hours and days backups will be generated and how many recovery points to keep from each type of backups. Both local and remote backups will be incremental to save on disk space. Users will be able to disable backups for specific users or/and individual databases. With this new and improved backup system we don't need to integrate JetBackups as you will have all of the backup features for free and in the future we will be able to build new and more exciting features that fit your needs.

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