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Hargreaves Standa shared this idea 9 months ago
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Now that the license is out and most technicians are used to managing their own servers. I would like you to implement a migration tool like the one on Cpanel and Interworx. For instance, one can log in to an Interworx admin panel(NodeWORX) and enter details of the remote cpanel server such as the IP, user, SSH Port and root password then it connects to the Cpanel server and lists all cpanel accounts and gives you the option to select accounts that you wish to copy and once you do so, the process starts immediately and you get a report about the transfer. Such an Interface would make migrations so easy for guys who are not very comfortable with command line.

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A GUI migration tool makes it easier for non-techie guys to perform a server migration from cpanel to spanel and it can be implemented in such a way that it also supports even DirectAdmin to Spanel migration.

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