Mobile Apps for SPanel

Md. Abdul Mannan shared this idea 3 years ago
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I think you need to make mobile apps for SPenel. Where we do everything. Sometimes it will be giving us more efficiency.  

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I agree. Even if we don't use the app that often, the times where there is a 911 situation in which we need to jump into spanel or vps would be excellent!


SPanel is accessible via a browser and every mobile device nowadays has a browser. Why is an app required?


Mobile apps is very comfortable to manage @Vlad


Yes, technically SPanel is accessible via a mobile browser, but the site is not responsive, and therefore only optimized for big screens.  On small screens the text is tiny (unreadable actually), so constant pinch-zooming in and scrolling/panning and pinch-zooming out is required.

Making the website responsive would make it unnecessary to make an app :-)

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