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MongoDB is an extremely popular document database and cornerstone of the two most common frontend JavaScript development stacks, MEAN and MERN. Neither Plesk nor cPanel provide support for this out of the box. Consider the value add automated deployment of a local MongoDB service on an end-users VPS would provide and the potential ROI resulting from it's proper integration into SPanel's brand.

Typically, MEAN and MERN stack apps are built/compiled for production thereby making their deployment using SPanel's existing functionality a straightforward experience. Today, however, PHP-based control panel user's, like SPanel's, are beholden to the cloud-based MongoDB Atlas service and the IaaS providers it relies on. While it is possible to utilize this service for free during development, it is impractical to do so during a more sophisticated production environment.

Personally, I think SPanel has plenty of competitive brand promises the vast majority of which it delivers on in full. Depending on the technical considerations, which I will leave for further open discussion, developing such a feature and utilizing it in competitive marketing may be a relatively low-cost, high-ROI project that could spur customer loyalty... not just interest and/or experimentation.

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As you are planning to compete with other panels then what is the issue if you provide an additional feature. Developers don't want to navigate to multiple panels or service provider. In my case if you say that mongo db will be not be there in future also then i would think once before going with you still i have just migrating to your panel and some of my projects used mongodb then either I have to buy another server or to use default mongodb server from them. So If you not going to provide then for sure I will move to another panel in near future because this is something much needed. In todays worlds you can't think development process without mongodb if you are working on a good project. 

And yes surely it would be really affordable for every user to use or host mongodb database if you add this feature


Hi Rahul. We will of course add support for MongoDB in SPanel when we see the demand for it. MongoDB is not yet supported in cPanel either but that doesn't matter. If we see the demand is there, we'll add support for it in SPanel. Currently, we are working on developing a unique file manager which will have some great features such as moving files between accounts, searching in files, searching for files/directories and many more that are useful for developers to do their job easily and save time. We are also working on adding SSH terminal/console so you can access SSH with a single click from the SPanel graphic interface. Another thing we are working on is an improved backup system which allows you to configure local/remote hourly, daily, weekly & monthly backups with a specific recovery points to keep defined by you for each type of a backup (hourly, daily etc.).

There is alot going on behind the scenes in the dev team and all those features have a huge demand and will be so useful for both developers and website owners. MongoDB will also get there when we see the demand is there.

The SPanel users decide what to be developed and built into SPanel. We just do what they need and make it happen :)

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