Option to add php plugins and extensions from SPanel

Bogdan shared this idea 11 months ago
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Hi, i wish there will be an option for us to add plugins like in CPanel, where it will let you add plugins to php.

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This is a good idea sometimes, we need extra PHP extensions, but we can't see them, so adding this option can help us greatly.


Agreed. It would be nice (critical for some projects) to be able to configure which PHP Extensions are installed.


The problem can be solved if Spanel works with Cloudlinux to have it integrated since cloudlinux comes with PHP selector, cageFS, Mysql Governor and a user can select extensions from their control panel. Vote for this link below.



This is mainly aimed at people that want it as a standalone panel. Not everyone wants cloudlinux.


Which PHP extensions do you need that were not installed by default? It is very rare someone would need a PHP extension that was missing.

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