Remote backup

Dimitar shared this idea 1 year ago

Ability to upload backups of the accounts on a remote server (ftp, sftp), as is the possibility of cpanel.

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This is now available in the SPanel API and soon it will be available in the graphic interface for SPanel users.

It would be interesting to be able to make backups in Google Drive


Can you post a link to the SPanel API docs? I'm not finding it via search.


The backups functionality has been improved and users can now choose where the backup will be saved - locally or on a remote FTP server. The user may also enter an email address to be notified once the backup has been uploaded.

Additional options were also added - the user can choose what data to be included in the backup and you can now skip databases or files/emails.

We also added an option for the user to remove the generated local backups from the SPanel User Interface directly.

SPanel will show an error message if there isn't enough free disk space on the server or in the user account instead of starting the backup generation and filling up the disk.


we can't find it yet


It will be updated on the existing VM's next week.


it exist, doesn't work for me on remote server.
any body try it yet ? 


It is supposed to work. Please contact technical support and they'll assist you.

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