Remote backups to Onedrive, Google, dropbox or other repositories

jose oliva shared this idea 1 year ago
In Progress

It's very important that I can have this characteristics at my disposal, so I can backup external

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Do you refer to the manual backups in the SPanel User Interface? Currently, you can generate a backup and choose to save it locally or on a remote ftp server.


To dropbox, drive, onedrive etc would be great. Many people have these storage providers but not a remote sFTP server...


It is posible via but that's 10 dollars a month...


review remote sFTP usage statistics for backups  

onedrive etc would be great


This is in progress. Users will be able to configure remote (ssh/rsync) incremental hourly/daily/weekly/monthly backups and specify how many recovery points to keep from each type of backup.

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