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Marcelo shared this idea 1 year ago
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Sometimes we need to make some critical changes in files, so we make a backupof files before changes.

But we cannot restore the files by ourselves, we only could restore a daily backup by ourselves.

I think could be great if we could make a manual backup and restore any time we want

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I agree. The desired function. I always used it when I was on another hosting.


This is a very important option



Hi Vlad,

You have the option to create a manual backup, but you do not have a option for that backup that was created to be restored  ??



This restore backup functionality you are asking about may be part of a much bigger enhancement/improvement of the backups section. I am thinking of the option each SPanel user to be able to set a schedule of local backups to be generated of the files, emails, databases with an option to browse and restore them via the User Interface.

Additionally, I am thinking of adding an actions button "Restore backup" next to each manually generated backup with options for the user to choose which parts of the backup they want restored - it can be files, emails or databases.

What do you think? Is there anything else that would be useful for you to have?


Hi Vlad,

Thanks for the reply,

I think what you wrote is great, 

Аdding an actions button "Restore backup" next to each manually generated backup, so that it makes sense to create a manual backup, of course the option with schedule of local backups is a great idea

Vlad, Agree With You.

This is now in progress as it is a feature within the new and improved backup system in SPanel which will allow servers admins to configure local & remote backups and set how many recovery points to keep on hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. The SPanel users will be able to browse and restore files/emails/databases from the configured backups from their SPanel User Interface.

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