SPanel language in spanish (Latin America)

Cesar Ayala shared this idea 11 months ago
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The vast majority of my clients are located in Colombia and spanish is the main language. It would be helpful to have all the SPanel language in Spanish (Latin America) so that all of them can manage their accounts without problems. 

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I also need this same feature but I need in Arabic because all my clients are from Gulf Country they understand Arabic only , you should add this feature ASAP

Hi Cesar. Thanks for participating in making SPanel better. Would you go a step futher and help with the translation/support of the Spanish language? We can develop a Language manager in SPanel where users will be able to see the supported languages and also do their own translations.


Hello Vlad. Sorry for the delay to response. Of course I could help with the SPanel spanish translation, in fact, I have experience making translates (english to spanish) for different Joomla extensions. Tell me what is the next step to begin! :)


Hi. Thanks for your input and help. We started working on a Language Manager in SPanel. You will be able to apply as a contributor/translator from the Language manager once it is available.


Hello Vlad

will you also add Arabic translator ?


Arabic is not yet in the plans but we will certainly add it if there is enough demand for it.

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