Send email while cpu or ram reach dangerous level

Mohamed Tarek shared this idea 3 years ago

Send notification email while cpu or ram reach dangerous level or full percentage, 

or leave it editable to enter percentage myself

And you can set minimum percentage dont enter lower than 80% as example

Thank you

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These three are essentially the same. Please combine with total votes:


This has been implemented. The SPanel admin will be notified automatically if the CPU usage is too high and the server requires an upgrade.


Thanks for implementing this Vlad.  

Does this get sent to only the main Spanel admin or all Spanel admins?

Also I never received Scala mailing list email about these upgrades. I don't know there wasn't one, I missed it or it was marked as spam. Regardless, I REALLY like and appreciate Spanel upgrade mailing list emails from you all. And I REALLY appreciate all the work that you and your team does to upgrade Spanel and make us a part of that.


Can you add a written indication of this in Spanel? And ideally a "Send Test Notification Email" link?

I use an email to SMS service for server issues and need to know what the email looks like to set it up correctly. Thanks!


The notification is sent to the main admin only. In the future we will add an option to manage different type of notifications and which users to get them.

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