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Ned Stefanov shared this idea 2 years ago

Hi guys,

I know there is an option in SPanel to view currently running mysql queries. But it is limited to show only the first 100 chars from the query, which in most cases is not enough to investigate slow or hanging queries.

  • Please add an option to expand the rows and to display the full query
  • Please add an option to kill the queries/processes. This will be really useful if we have bad queries.


Additional info: Unfortunately, I'm not aware of any other method to display running queries easily. Remote connection to the DB with HeidiSQL, MySQL Workbench or simply phpMyAdmin does not show any queries with "SHOW PROCESSLIST" (or similar). It's probably some privileges issue, I don't know. So the only option is through SPanel.

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Hi Ned and thank you for your suggestion/contribution. I find it valid and useful for developers to do their job of building apps/websites. The functionality to kill a MySQL query is a nice one and I quickly added it to the SPanel API so your feature request is now in progress and it will be added to the graphic interface in the next couple of weeks after we are done implementing Web redirections management, Email forwarding and Resource usage monitoring & stats per account.


wow that's great NEWS Vlad


This feature is now available in SPanel for new deployments. Existing VM's will get the update in the next ~7 days.

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