TRACK DELIVERY - Option like Cpanel

miktham shared this idea 9 months ago
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I highly required this option to monitor, all hosted domains mails delivery IN / OUT flows

even FAILED once etc

Cpanel had this option in WHM/Cpanel

if this is in VPS Spanel, we won't trouble you guys :)

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Hi All

Still nobody interested on this major requirement ?


Perhaps add DMARC delivery check too


Would you describe what functionality would you want to have in this feature and what you would like to achieve with it e.g. what problem will it fix?


Dear Vlad

Thanks for your focus on this matter

1. We could able to see IN / OUT bound emails of domain , with this option we could troubleshoot and inform the client what is the reason on incident 

2. Each domain wise we could analyst the day to day mails flow figures, this will help any SPAM triggers without knowly client sent abnormal emails 

3. We could look at it perticular email IN / OUT history , when an incident occurred both party didnt received the mail cases.

Understood. Thanks for your input.

@miktham Yes! This is a very important service for us. I think is considering ...

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