VPS Resource Monitor

Ant shared this idea 10 months ago
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Hi, we could really do with a VPS Resource Monitor so that we can gauge how to manage what we allocate to the VPS.



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Hi Antony,

Can you please include some more details? Did you want to have a resource usage notifications to tell you when you need to add more CPU's, RAM and storage?


Seems he is referring to Resource Monitoring per client/user. That would be a great addition.


Let's wait for Antony to respond because it doesn't become clear what exactly he wants to achieve. We are here to make it happen when we see the demand for such functionality.


Dear Vlad

this option is MOST REQUIRED one because every time we trouble your guys to check why why this that like wise

if we could self visualize this matter, we could control our own clients activities


Dear Vlad This Feature Is Very Necessary Because Whenever We Face Our Server Is Overloaded We Always Have To Raise A Ticket Or Chat With The Agent To Figure Out Whats The Problem Is And That,s Very Disturbing For The Company If We Get The Ability To Monitor The Resources In More Details And We Have The Option To Block The Traffic On A Domain Or Limit The Traffic For The Domain Then We Can Also Fix Our Common Problems Without Disturbing The Team This Option Is Very Necessary And If This Is Planned Please Share The Estimated Timeline With Us Appreciated.


We are working on this and it should be available in production in the next 30 days.

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