VPS Server, Existing Reseller plan Selling facility with Our Branding

Md. Abdul Mannan shared this idea 5 months ago

As a company owner, we need this feature where we sell VPS server and Your existing reseller plan with customizable price from my Admin panel with completely white label. It's very urgent for us to expand our business.

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Branding is already available in SPanel. We are working on adding an option for multiple admin users with custom privileges. That will allow you to set your branding, create an admin user for your customer without access to branding and send them the login details. Then they'll see the brand you setup and will not have an option to change it. Will that work for you?


Thank you Vlad for replying to me, Please develop this option where we sell to the VPS server from our admin panel at a customized price. This feature is very important for us, also integrate into Comodo and other premium SSL certificate, Dedicated IP, Premium Email Hosting selling option from the admin panel with completely white label.


Admin users management with custom permissions is now available in the latest version of SPanel. Existing servers will be gradually updated in the next 2 weeks.


@Vlad thank you for giving this facility. please allow managing the specific domain controlling option.  That means a specific domain managing option. Where we allow specific domains.

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