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ben shared this idea 1 month ago
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This would be absolutely fantastic if you could send notifications via email when a website is down.

For this to work,  the user would select(copy/paste) a word from the home page and with a regex(from your side) check if this word exist every minute(self ping). If the word is missing, then it means the website is down. The word check would be good if you have a site issue which does not always triggers a 500 error

eg: maintenance or php warnings.

Thank you!

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I forgot also the email fields that the user fills in so he/they can receive notifications to any email account. (With possibility to have multiple email notifyees for teams).


Interesting idea! I like it! :)


You are welcome, you can get excellent conceptual ideas from this app (feel free to remove the link):

You will notice the different kinds of notifications + ways to detect a page that is down.

Super useful because you can serve customers on the spot before they even call you and many times you will see devs working on a website,  turning on the maintenance page and completely forgetting to turn it back on because they have access to the site through IP whitelisting. A simple pinging like this can solve many issues like these.

Good luck!



Thanks for your contributions, Ben! I really like this one but let's see if others find it useful. Remember that the community decides which features to add to SPanel and not me :)


You are welcome Vlad, yes I understand the rules about the votes :-) Let's wait and see...

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