move Spanel branding option from sPanel to client area

Xcalibre shared this idea 3 years ago

I would suggest to move the branding option from SPanel admin page to your client area because if I resell it, it will still shows the sPanel brand to my client, which most of resellers are avoiding

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We plan to add an option for server owners to be able to create additional admin users for the SPanel Admin Interface with custom permissions. Basically, the server master admin will be able to restrict other admins what they can access in the SPanel Admin Interface. A fix for what you described would be to create an admin user without access to the branding which will be accessible by you only. Will that work?


Hi Vlad, that sounds great and what exactly fits my requirement.  hoping for it to be implemented sooner. More power


That is currently available in SPanel. This feature request is completed.

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